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Advert Management
Using this tool you can create your own  adverts either as just simple text or as images. You can also control the start and end date that they will be displayed and keep track of the cost of the adverts. You can also use the eShop and PayPal to manage the payment for advertising. This can be a very lucrative source of direct marketing and add interest to your site. If you register with Google’s AdSense you will also be able to include Google advertising into your site by simply cutting and pasting your Google Ad Client code into the control panel. Again every click will produce additional income for your site.

Create categories for your products, then upload individual products. You can include a product name, both a short and more extensive product description as well as price, unit size and images. Payments are managed externally via the PayPal secure payment site. It is also possible to view both current and historical orders.